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SP6T Switch

Amplical’s family of competitively priced high performance broadband coaxial PIN diode single-pole, six-throw switches (SP6T) feature low insertion loss, low vswr, high isolation, and fast switching speed. All switches are available with either absorptive or reflective inputs in many broadband frequency ranges including 2 to 18GHz, 500MHz to 18GHz and an ultra-broadband 100MHz to 20GHz. The switches operate from +5V and –12 to –20V DC power supplies. DC current draw is optimized to minimize DC power dissipation. TTL compatible drivers are incorporated on all switches for convenient logic control. Mechanical packages for all switch configurations have been optimized for minimal size and weight. The switches incorporate MIL-PRF-39012 SMA female connectors and ø0.030” solder pins. Ø0.096 through-holes are incorporated on all switches for convenient chassis mounting. Applications for this series of switches include Communications Systems, Electronic Simulators, Bypass Switches, Test Equipment, Switched Filter Banks, Blanking Switches, Radar Systems, EW Systems, and Simulators. All switches can be customized for any electrical or mechanical parameter including alternate DC power supplies, frequency band-specific performance optimization, port-to-port and unit-to-unit insertion loss and insertion phase matching. Hermetic seal and MIL/high-reliability screening is available on all models.